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Our Team
Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed, CHW 17'

Founder/Executive Director, CHW WFD

Mental Health & Family Counselor

HelpSteps Champion

Caspar FirstStep Outreach Advocate

Pine Street Inn, Mclean Hospital, Partners

MOER Foundation, Founder/CEO 

Scott A. Webster
Chief Operations Officer
Community Relations Committee
Sean Webster 

Career Coach, Youth Initiative Director

Cooper Civics

Youth Employment Committee

BASE Boston Partner 

The Boston Foundation

Hortencia DoRosario

Executive Director, President

WFD Committee Director 

C.V.P.A. Cape Verdean Professionals

Helena James .jpg
Dr. Helena James
Executive Director
City Of Kuwait Chapter 
WorkForce Assistant To Director
Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator
COVID 19 Training specialist
Paula Martinez , PA
Community Care Coordinator

CHWWorkforce Development, Inc.  a projected created by the MOER Foundation is an organization based in Roxbury MA, founded by Community Health Worker's for Community Health Workers to promote the principles of Advocacy, Continuing Education and Employment for Community Health Workers. Our focus is to assist in the development and certification of current and potential CHW's.


"We seek to empower the 'Community Health Worker' thru state legislation and community activism. To that end; CHW WFD seeks to partner with industry professional which will assist in the training of CHW's creating a bridge to healthcare for potential medical professionals seeking an opportunity"- Founder 


"Community Health Workers are serve as the Frontline to he Health care industry with a specific focus in underserves and vulnerable communities."-


Latest Chw News:


CHWs support the work of CHW-WFD projects by honing in on the challenges, strengths, and motivations of their clients and their daily lives. Not bound by the four walls of the clinic or a focus on specific diagnoses or treatments, CHWs work to eliminate barriers for their clients through community education, accompaniment, and coordination of enabling services. Tasks performed by CHWs are diverse; however, CHWs in the clinical/community center setting are most often involved in case coordination/management, outreach, and enrollment into care.


We encourage all CHW's to join our mailing list so you will be registered as a member of CHW Workforce. Membership supports your ability to become involved in this statewide movement to bring together CHWs and community stakeholders to establish the CHW practice as a stable and integral part of health and social service systems in the state of Massachussetts. 

Potential CHWs looking for work, wanting to enroll in training, or looking for career planning assistance are encouraged to attend one of our many workshops! See below for brief descriptions of our most commonly held workshops. Be sure to also check out our events calendar for dates they are offered and additional workshops to attend. ​

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